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Visit to the Paradise Valley and Anza Beach to see the Dinosaur footprints

A. Paradise Valley:

This hidden valley is 34 km from Lunja Village and 58 km from Agadir. It’s a High Atlas gorgeous mountain valley filled with palm trees, natural water slides, pools, and waterfalls carved out of the rocks through millions of years of erosion. It’s one of the Agadir’s most relaxing places.

B. Anza Dinosaur Footprints:

Anza is a small industrial village about 26 km away from Lunja Village and 8 km from Agadir. Anza Beach shows in low-tide conditions different vertebrate footprints (dinosaur and pterosaur). This area may become a world reference in ichnology because it contains the second undebatable African site with Cretaceous pterosaur footprints (Masrour et al. 2017).

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