Meeting Materials OSM 2017

Meeting Materials OSM 2017


The theme of the OSM and YSM was "Global Challenges for our Common Future: a paleoscience perspective."

These meetings fully reflected the PAGES structure and themes of climate, environment and humans, the strengthening of the connections between PAGES working groups and the increasing importance of an interdisciplinary approach.

OSM venue

The 5th PAGES OSM was held in Zaragoza from 9-13 May 2017. The 3rd PAGES YSM was held in Morillo de Tou (approximately 100km north of Zaragoza) from 7-9 May 2017.

About the OSM

The OSM is an international and multi-disciplinary platform for sharing latest research results on past global changes and the venue for discussing and defining the role of past global change science in the coming years.

Plenary talks

Plenary talks will provide broad overviews over a research area and stimulate discussions on future directions of PAGES science. Plenary talks are 25 minutes long followed by 5 minutes of questions. The full list of talks can be accessed here.

Parallel sessions

Parallel sessions will highlight latest research results on specific PAGES-relevant themes. Each session will usually have one oral block and a poster block. Each block is of 2 hours duration and consists of eight 15-minute talks. The list of sessions can be accessed here.

Side meetings

See the schedule of side meetings for PAGES Working Groups during the OSM conference here.


A list of blogs written by participants after attending PAGES 3rd Young Scientists Meeting and/or 5th Open Science Meeting in Spain, May 2017 can be found here.

OSM in the press

A selection of interviews and publications related to PAGES 3rd Young Scientists Meeting and 5th Open Science Meeting (#PAGES17) in the local media (in Spanish) can be accessed here.


The OSM 2017 was really amazing and it was only possible for me join it because of PAGES financial support. I am really thankful for that. - RP

PAGES OSM was a wonderful and memorable event for me, (and gave me an) opportunity to meet new people working in my field. - SAV

The meeting was truly excellent and very well organised. I consider myself fortunate to have attended. - RB

Thanks to the funding support I've been able to join the PAGES meeting, and present my talk! During the meeting I got a chance to have great discussions, start collaborations, been invited to colloquium, and much more! Thank you for this great opportunity! - BL

It was great meeting in Zaragoza last week. Thanks to funding support, I could obtain a wonderful opportunity and experience. - IO

I learnt a great deal about the research frontier of paleoclimate. I have also made quite a few friends and collaborators. I am probably going to be too old for the next YSM. But I will definitely be looking forward to the next OSM. - RF

I am indeed grateful to PAGES for (the) opportunity given to me to attend the conference. - RN

Let me thank you and the committee for offering me a grant to attend and present my findings at OSM 2017. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your organization. - SS

Really appreciate your help as well as the assistance from PAGES to attend the meetings. It was a really wonderful experience! - JM

I thank PAGES immensly for supporting my participation at the 5th PAGES OSM. - AK

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to PAGES for supporting me to attend these meetings, which were great opportunities to communicate with young scientists and experienced researchers. During these meetings, I also established networks with many of them for future collaboration as I decided to stay in paleoclimate domain for my long-term career. Many thanks again for PAGES support. - YZ

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